THE MIssion

At Naked Dog we believe in providing dogs with optimum nutrition and nothing else - no cheap fillers, no unnecessary additives, and no excessive packaging. Only natural, quality ingredients. Our goal is to provide pet parents with the ease of mind that comes with knowing they are helping their dogs live the healthiest, happiest, and longest lives possible.

THE product

Our kibble is formulated to support an all-natural, Limited Ingredient Diet. We rely on a single protein source in order to help reduce food sensitivities and allergies that may result in digestive problems and coat or skin issues. We never include cheap fillers like wheat, grains, corn or soy and we don’t rely on high-sugar vegetables, like potatoes to bind. Our formulas deliver balanced nutrition to keep your dog at peak health through all stages of life.


THE Development

Born & in bred in California - our food is cooked right near our headquarters so you never need to worry about where your food comes from or what it contains. By taking a direct-to-consumer model we are able to deliver healthy, premium dog food to your door at a fraction of the usual cost.

THE Journey

Founders Marco & Bere LOVE dogs - 4 in their own squad to be exact (at least for now). Like all pet parents, they understand how important it is to do everything possible to help your dogs live their very best lives. With over a decade of experience in the industry and 11 retail stores in Southern California, the Naked Dog Box was created in the hopes of making their healthy, high-quality dog food accessible and affordable to pet parents across the country.

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